Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32)


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Product Description

The OPQ32 questionnaire is designed to give information on individual styles or preferences for behaviour at work. The OPQ32 can be used in the following areas:

The individual

  • Recruitment, selection and promotion
  • Career counselling
  • Individual development

The team

  • Team building
  • Team development
  • Training need analysis

The organisation

  • Succession planning
  • Management audit
  • Research

What is it?

The OPQ32 is an occupational model of personality which describes 32 dimensions or scales of people’s preferred or typical style of behaviour at work. It is particularly appropriate for used with professional or managerial groups (although the content and model can be applied to a wide variety of roles) and can provide an organisation with an understanding of how an individual’s behavioural style may affect their performance at work.

The OPQ model explores three domains:

  1. Relationships with people
  2. Thinking style
  3. Feelings and emotions

In addition to these domains the administrator also has the use of the social desirability scale which gives an indication of the extent to which the candidate is creating a positive impression.

There are a range of user-friendly reports designed for use by HR professionals, line managers and delegates. These can be used for recruitment, development, team building and career guidance.


Training Required: Test User – Occupational Personality