Hogan Development Survey (‘The Dark Side’)


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What is the HDS and what is unique about it?

  • The HDS is based on research into the derailment of managers
  • It aims to assess the “Dark Side” of our personality – where we exhibit extreme behaviour in reaction to certain situations
  • People are often unaware of the dark tendencies they display when under pressure
  • Through completing the HDS and examining the Dark Side it will provide individuals with the opportunity to manage their impact on others and ourselves

Features and benefits:

  • Designed to identify potential dysfunctional interpersonal leadership behaviour
  • Provides in-depth information about interpersonal problems that are difficult to identify at interview
  • Identifies career derailing tendencies for coaching and personal development
  • Norms based on working adults – designed for UK use
  • Provides a choice of interpretive reports.
  • Can be administered on-line and off-line.