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Prospects© has been developed with the aid of our clients, who wanted a 360o questionnaire for use in appraisal and/or development which included not just interpersonal and standard management skills, such as information gathering and decision making, but also more “commercial” skills such as customer focus. As well as the management competences, Prospects© has additional, optional sections covering leadership and subordinate styles, and motivational drivers, all of which provide useful insights into the ways in which your managers operate.

In use for over 15 years, Prospects© has been applied to management populations in many industries including retail, telecommunications, manufacturing and service, at all grades from directors to supervisors.

Completed anonymously by observers chosen by the participant, the questionnaire is returned to Dove Nest Group for scoring, ensuring total objectivity in the output. The resulting report is produced in graphical format with supporting data, and 1:1 feedback is given either by a Dove Nest Group consultant or by your own staff trained in the understanding of Prospects©.

Customisable to meet your requirements…

Prospects© meets the needs of many organisations, particularly those with an urgent need, or without their own competence framework. A “one size fits all” solution, however, does not fit with the philosophy of Dove Nest Group – that all our clients are individual organisations with different cultures and ways of working.

To fulfil this requirement, Prospects© can be tailored to fit your company competence model. Indeed, our consultants can start from a blank sheet of paper and draw up a competence framework with your organisation, which means that you never again have to settle for the “off-the-shelf” models of performance appraisal!


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