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A web or paper based management skills assessment. A simulation exercise of a day at work for the manager of a busy plant facing operational issues including HR, Finance, Production, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales.

The Scenario

WashBox Ltd, a small Midlands-based company producing washing machines for the leisure market, is about to launch two new products. The General Manager is away ill and you have just been appointed as Interim Manager. You have access to all the financial, production, organisational and HR details about the company.

You also have the Manager’s mail, diary, to-do list, e-mails and voicemails, together with details of production and sales. Head Office is clamouring for an action plan on how the new products will be introduced. Whilst dealing with that request, how effectively will you deal with all the other issues and crises which occur?

How it operates

The simulation is designed to run on individual PCs or laptops for two hours, then closes down automatically. Output options include written responses (report, e-mail and mail), PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets.

A review programme enables the Assessor / Trainer to view the work and to write a text based report, which can be reproduced in a Word document or Email. Additionally, the reviewer has access to the MSC competency database. This means that relevant competencies can be copied into the report. Assessment can therefore be tailored to the level of the participants. Possible competence areas are: Management skills / competencies, Decision making, Time management, Understanding financial data, Report/letter writing and Communication skills. Bureau scoring service is available.

Related Exercises

A complete set of exercises related to WashBox enable you to run an assessment centre which is cohesive rather than fragmented. These included role plays involving customers, team meetings, conflict handling, disciplinary and coaching scenarios, as well as group discussion (non-assigned role) and presentations. In development are numerical and verbal reasoning tests, which will be available online, for PC or pencil-and-paper.

Other Applications

As WashBox contains all the information needed to run the company, complete with data on orders, production volumes, company procedures, financial information and HR records, it can be used for focussed training or development purposes for manufacturing, marketing, HR or general business management.

Training Required – Specific Tool Training