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Is Your Workplace Fit for Millennials?

Millennials will soon make up the largest share of the entire workforce across the globe. Born between 1980 and 1995, and having been raised in a time of significant change, their approach to work differs significantly from Generation X and Baby Boomers.

Baby Boomers have been in the workplace for the longest and, therefore, feel they can add wisdom to the workplace and they want to be recognised for the value they share. Research shows that Generation Xers tend to prefer independent work, where they don’t need to rely on others for input. Millennials, on the other hand, were born into a fast feedback, technological culture. They look for immediate feedback, innovative recognition for their work, a fun and flexible workplace, and the technology to facilitate their efforts. Millennials want to know that they are impacting the workplace on a regular basis.

Let’s review those four vital factors that will help you to make your workplace fit for Millennials:

  1. Give flexibility

 Millennials desire flexible working patterns that will fit around their social lives, but they are much more open than other generations to integrating their work and home life in a less traditional manner. With technology offering 24-hour access to work and home life, Millennials tend to look for seamless integration between the two, where they can work from anywhere at any time. Provided the work gets done on time and effectively, where it is done and when is irrelevant.

Millennials also desire broad workplace experiences that give them the opportunity to work on unique projects in varying locations. To facilitate this style of working, organisations need to create a mobile workforce that encourages employees to work across disciplines and teams.

  1. Access to up to date technologies

Millennials grew up in the technology boom and are used to using technology in all aspects of their lives. Not only are they used to using tech, but they are also accustomed to having access to the fastest, most up to date technologies in the marketplace. When Millennials come into the workplace, they crave technology that will facilitate their work, rather than slow, outdated systems that can hinder their progress. Access to up to date technology is equally important for learning and development of Millennials.

  1. Get creative about rewards

Millennials are the generation that want regular feedback that is task specific so that they can use it to develop their skills. They want to be recognised and rewarded when they perform well but monetary rewards aren’t enough. Provided pay is at a fair market rate; Millennial employees then crave more social and developmental recognition and reward for their work. Once pay is fair, rewards come down to the factors that employees see of value. This could be a being taken for a beer after work, being selected for a training course, being given public recognition, or even being selected for a secondment. The value isn’t in the monetary value; it is in the desirability from the employee.

  1. Friendships create impact

Team culture impacts more so than ever how employees operate at work. The Millennial generation is hugely social, both online and in person. Millennial employees want to create friendships in the workplace that make work a fun place to be.

Final thoughts

Every generation lives through a different social environment and that environment impacts how they view the world and work within it. Providing Millennials with some of the factors they crave for working effectively will make for happier and more productive employees.