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Feeling ‘snowed under’ during the holidays? Here’s your solution

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Feeling ‘snowed under’ during the holidays? Here’s your solution

Are Holidays Stressful?

In the last decade, Mental health at work has been a critical issue.

Though the holidays are a time for relaxing and catching up with family, around this time of year stress levels are often at their highest for those still at work – with two-thirds of people feeling additional strain during the holidays!

According to Wrike’s 2015 work management survey, more than 50% of workers experience stress as a result of Missing Information and Prioritisation Problems, both issues which can be particularly painful during the holiday season when workload might shift around to accommodate key people being on holiday.

What can we do about it?

As a leader, it’s critical to be able to respond effectively to the inevitable stressors that will rear their ugly heads in front of your team. You might be able to address stress in 1-to-1 meetings throughout the year, but such issues are often quite a private thing, and people are to an extent incentivised not to share their stress, as they inevitably want to be seen as high performers and great team workers.

MindQ – an efficient solution

A novel way to address this problem is MHS’s new tool MindQ: A scientifically validated way to confidentially assess individuals’ mental health risks, which can be used in tandem with employee assistance programmes, coaching and other interventions to seamlessly provide your people with the assistance they need to remain healthy and productive at work.

MindQ is now in the suite of Psyence tools at Dove Nest group, and we never charge for exploratory conversations – so if this is something you would be interested in exploring, call us on 015395 67878, email us at or visit our website at

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