Psychological assessment at work

Personality tests and psychometric tests are what psychological assessment at work is all about. Personality tests and psychometric assessment come in two forms: assessment centres for job candidates and executive assessment for high-level internal and external recruitment.

Assessment centres

Assessment centres have been proven time and again to draw cost-effective, objective, reliable and valid distinctions between candidates.

It’s a formally structured day with multiple psychometric-assessment exercises that allow candidates to measure their skills against job criteria. Our assessors will unobtrusively observe them and offer detailed reports so you can determine the best candidates. For a more cost-effective approach, we can even train your in-house assessors.

Our assessment centres comply with new British Psychological Society (BPS) standards and are designed against your competency framework. We can work with an existing framework or help to create one for your organisation. This will ensure you’re looking for the right qualities and support future performance and behavioural management.

Our psychologists have over 30 years’ experience in such consultancy using robust techniques. These include repertory grid technique, critical-incident Interviewing and new online technology in designing competency frameworks that fit your organisation, ensuring a common language and awareness across the business.

Individual executive assessment

Personality tests can also choose the right leaders for your organisation. Whether it’s an external applicant or internal promotion, you need to be confident you know exactly what you’re getting.

This is an in-depth individual executive assessment involving psychometric tests and questionnaires. You can use it for both internal and external recruitment at senior levels.

The IEA is thorough, objective, cost-effective and rigorous. In interviews and decision-making, it can help you sort out the great from the merely very good.

It’s a unique, seven-stage model that delivers an in-depth profile of each applicant, so you can make an evidence-based decision founded on hard data.

Our lead psychologist developed this model based on research and the experience of delivering this service in 186 countries across the globe. It’s a diversity-proofed model that you can believe in.

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