Individual Executive Assessment

Your organisational culture, values and success is dependent on the quality of your executive leaders!

If executives were a project or investments, they would be amongst the most important spend any organisation undertakes.  How do you invest in ensuring you have the right information to make the best executive selection decisions?

Psyence are able to support you with our client-centred approach to Individual Executive Assessment.  We have a team of some of the UK’s most experienced occupational psychologists with a strong track record of specializing in executive appointments.  They can help you better define critical success factors, develop assessment approaches that focus on these and provide you with clear usable information leaving you to make the best informed executive selection decisions.

Sounds great?  How do we do it…?

  1. Define requirements

    Your dedicated Occupational Psychology Psyentist will take time to appreciate your organisation, its challenges, your context, and specific aspects you would like to ensure are present/absent in your executive incumbent.  The confidentiality of this is assured throughout. We translate your needs into measurable role-requirements based on your own competencies and values.  Alternatively, we can use a Global Competencies Model.

  2. Initial assessment

    According to your focus and needs, we are able to draw on a wide range of psychometric assessment tools covering a range of abilities, personality, values, motivations and situational decision making.  We are able to do this as we operate independently from test/materials publishers.  Our aim is to get the right and best thing for your needs. We are able to support attraction strategies, designing application requirements to target your areas of interest and methods of getting the most from CV analysis. We can assist you in shortlisting, using approaches that maximise your chances of success and reduce cost, so only the most credible progress to the next stage.

  1. In-depth assessment

    More than a standard assessment.  Your dedicated Psyentist can undertake in-depth bio-profiling of candidates.  Exploring their career background, achievements, performance, influences and challenges.  Establishing the psychological characteristics that underpin their way of operating and matching these to your organisational values, context and needs.

  1. Job-simulations

    Our specialists can identify assessment exercises that simulate requirements of your target role and focus on your critical areas of success and risk in your appointment.  Your dedicated Psyentist can design a bespoke simulation to reflect your needs. Exercises can include role-acted interactions including; meetings, public interactions, partnership/customer/stakeholder interactions, briefing exercises, presentations.  If written skills are important, we can do this though strategic written exercises, proposal writing, strategic planning, business planning, change proposal writing or written responses to in-bound communications. Whatever the style – we operate a clear principle that if it is a role requirement, we can create a simulation to reflect it!

  1. Debrief & Reporting

    Your Psyentist is able to give you an on-the-day immediate debrief.  Highlighting key areas of candidate performance.  They are able to follow this quickly with a more detailed written report containing key areas for consideration in your final interviews and/or selection decision.  Your specialist is able to support the design of your final interview based on the assessment.  They can attend your final interview process to brief the panel on each candidate and answer any questions relating to suitability and fit with your organisation and needs.

This is a specialist support service and no two organisations’ needs are identical.  Our experts are experienced senior managers and used to working on selection at board level.  They can help ensure you get a service tailored to your particular requirements.

If you’re ready to improve your executive selection to deliver the very best leadership for your organisation, then contact us to find out how we can help you…