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  • Psychological assessment at work
  • Learning, training and development
  • Leadership engagement, leadership competencies and motivation
  • Wellbeing and work
  • Work design, organisational change and development

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Psychological assessment at work

Personality tests and psychometric tests are what psychological assessment at work is all about. Personality tests and psychometric assessment come in two forms: assessment centres for job candidates and executive assessment for high-level internal and external recruitment.

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Learning, Training and Development

Development Centres do not have a pass-fail outcome; they enable the organisation to identify the need or potential for an individual to develop with the purpose being to help them to build a development plan that will enable them to meet all the criteria in the future. This offers a range of benefits for both the employee and employer.

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Leadership, Engagement and Motivation

Whether you are identifying future leaders within the organisation or developing managers psychology will provide you with a strong foundation to succeed.

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A key area of our work focuses on stress management and interventions. Stress can lead to higher levels of absenteeism and lower levels of retention, engagement, motivation and on-the job performance. Ultimately, these factors affect the profitability of our clients.

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Work Design, Organisational Change and Development

Assessment and development is not solely for individual use. Organisational aspects are just as valuable to develop when aiming to increase organisational effectiveness.

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