Where they were

Cofely GDF Suez is in the top 25 companies in the world by size. When the UK division was recently created through mergers, they restructured to create a new role of senior HR Business Partners. Cofely realised that its current staff might not be qualified for this new role and their jobs were ‘at risk’. However, they were asked to apply for the new roles alongside external candidates.

What we did

We worked with Cofely to refine the competencies for success. We also designed a fair and objective one-day assessment-centre process that enabled both external and internal applicants to compete on a completely level playing field.

Project outcome

The centre was a success and both internal and external candidates were offered roles. We handled the sensitivities around the unsuccessful internal candidates by offering them coaching with the lead psychologist. Within three months, they had all found new positions elsewhere, leaving with a very positive view of the process and the company.

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