Why we’re different

We at Psyence believe that the occupational psychology market is a little stale. It could be perceived that it is driven by some big players that offer an impersonal, process-driven approach. Those big names are often selling their own tests and struggle to remain impartial.

At Psyence, we’re different because ours is a truly bespoke approach. We’re a friendly firm that listens to your problems, partners you closely and comes up with a bespoke plan. And we only ever employ leading psychologists with many years’ experience in the field to lead client programmes

We sell other people’s psychometric tests, and we sell our own. But we’ll never promote our tests above others’ that would do a better job. We’re 100% agnostic and focused on doing the right thing for you.

With our parent company being the leadership behaviour change specialists, Dove Nest, we’ve always huge resources to call upon. That’s why, when a major player such as Accenture wanted to put 800 managers through a six-week assessment, we excelled. We even put those who didn’t meet the criteria through a three-month coaching programme.

We always abide by the BPS and HCPC codes of conduct for safe and ethical practice in occupational psychology.

Could our bespoke approach help you accelerate the effectiveness of your business change programmes and talent acquisition and progression?