Data Protection and Privacy Statement

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Why is this important?

At Dove Nest Group we treat each learner and client as an individual. One of our core values is our passion for developing people. It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that we believe in upholding the rights of each and every learner and client.

We have policy and procedure in place to both protect the privacy of personal information and comply with relevant UK and EU regulations, including General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR); The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations, 2003; and the Freedom of Information Act 2003.

We believe in being fair and transparent about what information we gather, how we use it and your rights. You are welcome to download a copy of our full policy – see link below. If you’re short of time, here’s a short summary of some of the key points.

What type of information is personal?

‘Personal data’ is defined as any data relating to a data subject, who can be identified from that data. It includes any other information which is in the possession of (or likely to come into the possession of) the data controller (in this case Dove Nest).

What type of information we collect

We collect and process data in line with Dove Nest’s legitimate business interests. It means that we ask for certain information in the course of providing a development programme or intervention. A few examples might include:

  • Your contact information – email, phone number, address
  • Any dietary preferences or allergies – where you participate in a residential event
  • Any medical conditions you choose to inform us of – where physical activities form a part of your programme

Data Protection Privacy Policy

How we use it

Simply put, we use it in the course of providing the service requested by you or your employer. A few examples might include:

  • Psychometric profile reports.
  • Contact information for psychometric participants and 360 nominees.
  • Psychometric portal login information.
  • Data downloaded from SurveyMonkey for evaluation purposes.
  • Personal contact details for course participants where required.
  • CRM data for past, current and prospective clients, freelance workers, and self-catering bookings.
  • Contact details for clients and participants where required.
  • Any data controlled by, and shared by the client for our processing in accordance with mutual business interests.

Your Rights

All data subjects have the following rights (but which do not overwrite or nullify other legal obligations):

  • To be informed of data collection/processing.
  • To access their personal data and reuse for their own purposes.
  • To rectify their data if inaccurate or incomplete.
  • To have their data erased.
  • To restrict processing of their data.
  • To object to data processing.
  • Rights in relations to automated decision-making.

Contact us

If you have questions related to the gathering, processing, storage and usage of personal data, or you would like to advise of changes in your preferences, please contact us as

Download policy

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